New sales record for Fiat 500 in the US

The small Fiat had the best sales performance during April/12 since its launch. 3845 units of the 500, 500C and Abarth were delivered to clients, which represents 336% more than one year ago and 4% more than the previous record in March/12. It brings YTD numbers to 12695 units. If this trend continues we expect total year sales of 40000 units, not far from the first forecasts of Mr. Marchionne of 50000 units/year. The success of Abarth version explains this great numbers. There is 6 month waiting list for this model which will become the biggest part of total sales.

It seems the US market will become largely the second market for the Cinquecento, after Italy, altough March/12 was practicaly the first one, when 3712 units were sold compared to a very poor result in Italy, 3107, due in part to transport strike.


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