More aerodynamics in future Chryslers

Chrysler 200C EV Concept Car

Aerodynamics will become a key factor for the performance of coming models of Chrysler Group. This important field is becoming by far one of the topics from which future cars will be able to have better fuel efficiency. It means that design or a specific shape can affect the way the car moves and therefore the quantity of gas required to do so. This principle has been understood by all car makers using their wind tunnels to evaluate their car forms. But now Chrysler wants to go ahead and spend more time in this process according to Ralph Gilles, Chrysler’s design chief. “The wind is starting to sculpt these vehicles”, he said refering to Audi A7 or the redesigned Toyota Avalon in the US. He thinks mid sized sedans can have really aerodynamic shapes and not only sport cars. That’s why he says next Chrysler 200 and 300 will look much more sporty in that sense: “We’ll have no choice but to be some of the most wind-swept vehicles that you’ve ever seen”.

Future Chrysler 300 rendering by Alessandro Masera via

To achieve that requires more time evaluating the aerodynamics coefficient. Now designers are working together with engineers , somtehing that allows cooperation and enhances the ideas they can have. Normally, for a specific project, designers spend 100 hours in the wind tunnel. Gilles wants designers and engineers to spend 200-300 hours per project because he thinks there are lot of small parts in the outline of a car that can be improved in terms of aerodynamics. “It’s amazing the details, especially if you look at the back of a car,” Gilles said. “There are a lot of little flicks and bends that simulate aquatic animals almost.” Then it is just a matter of time to see next generation of Chrysler sedans to look more sporty and dynamic and see very small numbers of fuel consumption.

Source: Automotive News, Joseph Lichterman


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