Italy: buy a Fiat and get more than 3 years of gas at $1 Euro

Today Fiat announced its latest promotion. All the people in Italy who buy a Fiat (only Fiat brand) until July 31/12, will have gas price at $1 Euro/Liter until December 31 of 2015! The user will be able to buy the gas in any IP gas stations (3.700 in Italy) using a card that only works for his Fiat. The promotion varies depending the model: for example, with this price, the Fiat Panda will have available up to 1.200 liters during the period of time, while the Punto will have 1.700 liters and the Bravo up to 2.000 liters. It is certainly an interesting promotion especially if it takes into consideration that the price of $1 Euro/L will not change until December 31 of 2015. Fiat brand is facing a drop on sales in Italy since April 2010 because of European debt crisis that is affecting Italy and other European markets.

Fiat brand has not been able to have positive sales growth in Italy since April 2010


8 thoughts on “Italy: buy a Fiat and get more than 3 years of gas at $1 Euro

  1. Very nice, people are really worried for the gas price. I think they will have a good result. Smart idea.


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