May 2012, another great month for Fiat-Chrysler sales in USA

Thanks to Chrysler Communications Facebook site, global results of Chrysler Group in the US have been released. The good momentum continues during the fith month of 2012. The whole group (included Fiat brand) had sales growth of 30% over May 2011, selling a total of 150.041 cars, or 34.678 more cars than the ones delivered one year ago. Are really good numbers compared with total market growth and competitors performance. The main source tells that 7 models got more than 10.000 units sold volume, lead again by Ram Pickup, up 29%. By brands Dodge delivered 45.793 units (+14%), closely followed by Jeep with 44.198 (+24%), Chrysler up a massive 81% with 29.674, Ram with 26.373 (+23%). Finally Fiat had another record sales with its 500 delivering 4.003 units, up 128%. More analysis in the next days.


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