Jeep to arrive soon in India

Fiat has announced that is planning to introduce Jeep brand in India in the next months. After deciding to split operations with Tata, and have its own dealerships, it’s time for Jeep to arrive. According to Indian car website, Car Dekho, Jeep SUVs will have exclusive dealerships also and service to offer at the begining the Grand Cherokee, starting at $4.500.000 Rupies (US$82.000). The high price is explained as the car will not be produced locally. Anyway months later is expected the Liberty starting at $2.500.000 rupies (US$45.500). India is one of Fiat-Chrysler group’s target market to reach 6 million units by 2016. Last year the whole market sold 2,4 million cars, from which 11.1% were SUV, around 270.000 units, most of them (124.000) small SUVs followed by C-segment SUVs (103.000). It means SUV segment is India’s third largest one after A and B-segment. Besides, it is expected a continuos and rapid growth on total car sales for the coming year as most population (world’s second largest) does not have a car yet. Fiat Group’s World data base considers Jeep can sell around 10.000 units by the year 2016 based on future growth of the segment and new products.

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