What comes for Ferrari

Yes, Ferrari is also part of the whole group although its management and business are independent from Fiat Group. This has allowed Ferrari guys to keep some distance from troubles around its partners and develop unique models that in most of case don’t share anything with the small Fiats. Nevertheless is important to mention that Ferrari may be the whole group’s most famous brand with presence in the whole world and with a marketing campaign and merchandising to be considered for any study. But how is suposed Ferrari to face coming years? doing the same of its competition? or keeping its philosophy? what ever it is, Ferrari will continue to generate that passion only its sporty cars can do, while the exclusiveness must be always its best asset.

Ferrari’s theme park in Abu Dhabi

The automaker sold a record 7.195 cars in 2011 all over the world, up 9.5% from 2010 with record revenues of US$2.95 billion, up 17%, while profits were US$210 million. Small numbers of units delivered but big and healthy financial ones. Ferrari continues to grow no matter the difficult times most economies around the world are facing. It has found in China a great market where new high class is emerging and buying its cars. The USA continues to be Ferarri’s largest market as it counts for 27% of total sales (1.958 units), followed by China where they sold 777 units, up 63% compared to 2010 figures. In Germany sales were up 14% totaling 705 units, followed by Italy (570) and the UK (511). But big sales come also from the Middle East and Russia. Certainly the position of Ferrari is even better when taking into account the money they make by sponsorships, merchandising and their museum car parks.

The latest Ferrari F12 Berlinetta showed in Geneva/12

In terms of models they do pretty well. From the ‘cheap’ California, a big success, up to the latest Berlinetta, the position of the company is to offer the best sporty cars ever. And they do it. And that’s what they should keep doing, as competition is getting hard with Lamborghini, Bugatti, Bentley and Porsche owned by VW. Unlike what they are doing, Ferrari must focus on what it can do the best: the most sporty and dynamic Italian cars. And it means to produce only sporty cars: coupes. Ferrari’s philosophy should not be unchanged because of what its competitors are doing. First it was Porsche and its Cayenne and Panamera. And then it was Lamborghini and its new Urus. If they want to increase their sales doing other type of cars, is their decision, but Ferrari must concentrate on doing the same but evolved. That is how they should work on more efficient big engines (maybe hybrid) and always offer the best of engineering techniques. No sedan, no SUV. That comitment could be also another plus they could have in the future as they will be known to be the only sporty  brand to produce sporty cars. Instead there is Maserati, another glorious brand, for doing the sedans and SUVs, moved by Ferrari’s engines. Meanwhile the Enzo’s succesor arrives.


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