Fiat/Abarth 500 continues to impress British market

Once again, second month in a row, the successful Fiat 500 continues to hit British. In May 2012 it was again among 10 best selling cars in that important market. Last month 2.823 units were delivered to clients making of it the 10th best selling car and number 1 among small cars. The good sales performance is even more impressive if is taken into account that the UK is the land of Mini, the eternal archenemy of the small Italian (though they don’t belong to the same segment). Year to date results indicate the 500 has reached 14.113 units sold, compared to 25.607 units it sold for the whole 2011. The good results of it can be explained by several and continous promotions made by Fiat that include very interesting financial plans, and also by the good reputation the model has in the UK.

Fiat 500 and 500C Financial payment offers for the UK, June 2012. Source:


Fiat 500 and 500C financial offers June 2012 with Fiat Advance Payment Plan. Source:

In fact one of the success key factors that allows the good sales figures is the depreciation index of the car. Some days ago CAP, British market leading provider of vehicle valuation data, published the list of best and worst depreciated cars in that country. The study includes only three-year-old cars with more than 48.000 km and Abarth 500 and Fiat 500C occupied very important places. The first one retains an average value (after 3 years/48.000 km of use) of 60% of its initial value, while the cabrio version costs 58.4% of what it used to cost 3 years before. These results allowed them to occupy number 3 and 4 places among the best depreciated cars in Britain, after the Audi Q5 and Skoda Yeti. It is certainly an excellent result that tells about the good image the car continues to have after 5 years of its launch. In the other hand another member of the family, Fiat Bravo, appears in the bottom of the list, keeping just 34.4% of its original value. Something to think about.

CAP’s April 2012 Depreciation Survey in the UK. Source: Auto Express

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