Bad pre-start for Fiat Viaggio in China

Photo by China Car Times

It is nothing related to sales figures. The new sedan based on the Dodge Dart that Fiat will sell from September had a terrible accident when it was part of a high speed test in Taicang, near to Shanghai. The model under test was a 1.4T which hit a motorcycle rider who died instantly. The two passengers inside the Viaggio were not injured but the car was severely damaged especially in the side. The 4.67 m long sedan will be on sale starting around 120.000 yuan (US$18.900) and is expected to hit the market in the C-segment sedans to compete with VW Jetta and Sagitar or others like the Buick Excelle, Hyundai Elantra or the Citroen C-Quattre. Last week Fiat showed the first pictures of the interior, which did not change from the Dodge Dart version in the US.

Unlike what happened in the exterior, the Viaggio kept its interior exactly as the American version


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