July/12, the lowest growth for Chrysler so far

July was a good month for Chrysler in USA. But not as good as before. For the first time of this year the sales of the group grew below 20% and its market share was below 11%. Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram and Fiat sold 126.089 cars, up 12.6%, which allowed them to have a market share of 10.9%. The growth was less than 20% of June and even worse than 44% of January. However the growth was better than total market performance, 8.9%. Only Jeep grew up less than that number, 7.4%, while Chrysler was again the best brand up a massive 34.8% thanks to the great performance of Chrysler 200 and 300, both with enormous success in some states of the country. July was also a regular month for the Fiat 500, which was up ‘only’ 22%. Year-to-date numbers indicate that the whole group is doing very well. All brands sales are up 2 times what the whole market has grown, 27.7% against 14%. It means they have been able to reach a market share above 11%, just like it was when the financial crisis began 3 years ago. Its growth is much more than all main competitors: GM 3%, Ford 5%, and the same of Toyota, still in third place with total sales growth of 28%. By models, all of them had a good performance, far away from total market’s growth. And it seems the Fiat 500 will reach the initial goal settled by Mr. Marchionne, who said they could sell 50.000 units per year just in North America, but then, after some bad months, he said he was wrong with that number, to optimistic. If that trend continues, the small Fiat will sell more than 42.000 units in USA and more than 10.000 in Canada. The Abarth version has made a great job.

During July only Jeep had a lower sales growth than total market. Source: http://www.carsitaly.net

Source: http://www.carsitaly.net


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