More Fiat 500 for the USA

Fiat USA is doing really good and Marchionne wants more. The arrival of the 500 Abarth was the begining of great sales figures as American buyers love high performance cars and don’t really car about fuel consumption. Nevertheless the American offer was still small and there was a big hole between the regular Fiat 500 with 100 hp and the Abarth version with 160 hp. People love the second one but in some cases it can be really expensive. Fiat solved this problem and today they presented the Fiat 500 T. The car has Fiat logo and no Abarth one and is moved by 135 hp, just the same engine used for Abarth 500 basic version in Europe. The difference is that the American version uses MutiAir system. Though it does not have the Abarth logo it uses some exterior features like the Abarth, such as the bumpers. One more thing: it is the first model to use the Beats sound system just like the Fiat 500L. Pricing will start at $20.200 and will be available this fall.

Here it is the link of the presentation:!


2 thoughts on “More Fiat 500 for the USA

  1. The new Fiat 500 is compact, sleek, sporty and largely contemporary, while at the same time, it is not too expensive, which might be one of the major reasons for its increasing popularity in USA.


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