Fiat-Chrysler in Paris Motor Show 2012

The Mondial de l’Automobile Paris 2012 has just began. Fiat is perhaps the only major European car maker not to introduce any all-new model. As it was said before in another post about the possible presentations of the group, the lack of new cars is a direct consequence of Marchionne’s decision of no more investment in Europe during the crisis. However Maserati, which was expected to present the new Quattroporte, showed a revised version of the MC Stradale while they named the models for coming months: the current range will add the ‘E-Segment’ sedan called Ghibli while the SUV, known so far as Kubang will use Levante name. According to some information next generation Quattroporte will be presented in Detroit 2012, while the Ghibli will do it in Geneva 2013 or Shanghai Auto Show next year. Here there are some pictures of the exhibitions of each brand in Mondial de l’Automobile Paris 2012.





Alfa Romeo




Click here to see Sao Paulo Motor Show 2012


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