USA September, Chrysler up 11.5%

It was the lowest increase so far this year. Chrysler group was up 11.5%  in September in the US market, which had an increase of 12.8%. According to latest increases, it seems the group is reaching the top of its sales figures as the market stabilizes. Only Fiat brand had better results than overall market, while Chrysler brand, Jeep and Dodge/Ram lost a bit of market share. They all sold some more of 142.000 cars together, almost 13.000 units more than one year ago, and a bit more than total average till August 2012 (138.578). No matter the lower growth, Chrysler brand sold 5.5% more, and so did Dodge/Ram, up 12.7% and Jeep, up 10.3%. Once again, Dogde/RAM counted for more than half of sales (52%) while Fiat sold a new record with 4.176 small 500 delivered, up a massive 50.6%. Compared to competitors, the whole group was Detroit’s best performer, as GM grew only 1.5% and Ford was down a tiny 0.2%. However Toyota had a wonderful result, up a massive 41.5% thanks to its Toyota brand and Lexus. By models, the Ram which is Chrysler best-selling one was up only 5%. But the Dodge Caravan impresses with more than 13.000 units sold, up 32%. Some Jeep do a good job, such as the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler. Chrysler models reached their top with very low increases. It is important to mention the appearance of Dodge Dart with 5.235 units sold, up 72% compared to August sales figures, which means the car is becoming popular in a really difficult segment.

Chrysler continues to be strong in larger segments: large pickups, large minivans, large SUV. September was the lowest increase in terms of growth, and based on this year’s trend, it seems Chrysler has reached stabilization levels. Source:,

The Dart takes off in a real difficult segment. Data for September 2012 in USA. Source:

In Canada there was the same situation. Chrysler group sold 1.6% more than one year ago while Fiat brand was up 36.4%. Total market was up 6.4%. In that scenario the bad result is due to low sales registrations for the Ram, down 7%, and Dodge Caravan, down 16%, both products the best-selling ones of Chrysler in that country. In the other side the Journey is up once again 48%, and Jeep Wrangler +14%. Finally in Mexico, Chrysler and Fiat seem to be doing much better than competitors. Chrysler group sold almost 7 thousand cars, when one year ago they sold 6.347 units. Fiat did better in terms of growth, up 129% thanks to the small 500, produced in Toluca.

Sales figures for Canada and Mexico, September 2012. Source:,


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