What’s next in Marchionne’s plan?

In few hours Sergio Marchionne and his team will present Fiat’s results for third quarter and the plan for coming months. In a Conference call, they will announce Fiat Group consolidated results as they usually do. What’s so special now is current events in European market. After the storm generated by the closure of several plants from Ford and Opel, and the public help PSA will get from French government, it’s now time for Fiat to tell the world what will happen to it in the next months. According to specialized press, the goals settled by Marchionne in 2010 are still far away from reality as European market plunges and Fiat is still really dependent on Italy. Without getting in the discussion about initial targets and tomorrow’s results, which will be properly analyzed in this blog, it is expected also some information about Fiat Group and its coming models. As a matter of speculation I am going to guess what is coming for the group in the next 18 months in terms of models to be presented shortly. I repeat, it’s just a speculation.


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