USA market and Chrysler slow down in October/12

Once again Chrysler along with all American car market slow down their growth after months of spectacular results. It does not mean that the market is now in a decline phase. The market seems to be stabilizing though it is still far from pre-crisis records. The same happens to Chrysler, still the best performer of the 3 from Detroit. The Group increased its sales registration 10% while the market was up only 7%. Its market share grew from 11.2% last year to 11.6%, which is pretty good but still far away from Chrysler’s target of reaching 13% by the year 2014. One important fact to considered is that hurricane Sandy had an impact on car sales at the end of the month as the area affected contributes to 25% of total sales of the country. The good result of Chrysler Group could had been better if it wasn’t because of the hurricane and Jeep brand, which had a fall for the first time since April 2010. However the group’s results are well-distributed among its 5 brands so Jeep’s tiny fall was compensated by the good performance of the major of them, Dodge, up 20%, and Ram, up 17%. Chrysler brand lost market share as it had lower increase than total markets’ (+5%) while Fiat 500 continues to grow. Compared to competition, Dodge did much better than Ford and Chevrolet, and only VW, among big ones, had a better growth. Jeep lost market share in SUV segment, which was gained by GMC, just 453 units behind. Due to the great sales performance of the group during March-September, October results are under total year’s average: 126.185 units vs. 137.686.

USA car sales registrations October 2012. Chrysler Group continues to be Detroit’s best performer thanks to good results of Dodge and Ram. Its market share is still distant from 2014 target. Maserati and Ferrari sales figures not included. Source:,, Good Car Bad Car

The Ram Pickup did quite well, up 20% or more than 4 thousand units. It is still the best performer of the 3 pickups from Detroit (Ram, F-150 and Silverado) and it allowed it to increase its market share among them from 19.09% last year to 20.94%, almost 2 points. Far behind, more than half of Ram sales, there is the Jeep Grand Cherokee, with lower positive increase but now behind the Explorer more than 1.600 units. Wrangler’s sales registrations were as many as Grand Cherokee’s, both counting 67% of Jeep’s total sales. The reason for Jeep’s fall is that the small Compass was down 52%, its worst result so far this year. It seems the facelift it received has not been successful at all. In the other side there is Dodge  with its Caravan, up a massive 49%, when one year ago its sales dropped 13%. The reason for this resurrection is unknown but this minivan is quite old to have this good results. Coming generation should arrive in late 2013, early 2014. The arrival of the Dart is also helping boost sales registrations as other models slow down their growth. Even though the new ‘C-Segment’ sedan is expected to finally take off in January 2013 when it is expected the highest production levels in Belvidere plant (12.000 units/month). Fiat sold 3.720 units, making US market the world’s largest one for this model, and 36 units above Italian figures. The 500 was up 89% compared to October 2011 when the small Fiat began to have troubles in terms of sales in USA (until February 2012). Abarth version continues to boost its sales but also the arrival of the 500 Turbo, on sale since October.

Good for the Ram, with more market share among the 3 large pickups. Bad for the G. Cherokee that loses its battle against Ford Explorer. Very good for MPV, the absolute leaders of the segment. Source:

The Dart has not taken off yet but gained market share among ‘C-Segment’ models. It just sold 220 units more than September but it is expected to reach around 12.000 from next year. Source:


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