Fiat Group’s World 2012: my blog in numbers

FGWIt all started 8 months ago when I was talking to a friend in London. If I was talking about cars and Fiat cars all the time and few were interested, why not to create a blog and find those sharing the same passion? therefore I’ve been writing since May 1st 2012 trying not only to comment on what happens to Fiat-Chrysler Group but also trying to propose new solutions, new ideas for the future of the alliance. It hasn’t been always easy as writing requires time and dedication, and it is not the only thing I have to do everyday. However, it seems that it has worked:

  • Since May 1st 2012, there have been more than 83.500 views, or an average of 341 views per day. 
  • The best month so far was November with 18.342 views. And the best day was November 28th with 952 views.
  • Views coming from Italy count for 35% of the total. Then comes USA with 9%, Germany 5%, UK 4.4%, Poland 3.9%, Brazil 3.2%, France 2.6%, Belgium 2.3%, India 2.3%, and Canada 2%.
  • 1 view coming from Brunei, Andorra, Tanzania, Kyrgysztan, Macao, Greenland, Gibraltar, Haiti, Zimbabwe, Honduras, Afghanistan, Congo, Reunion, El Salvador, Saint Vicent and the Granadines, and Suriname.

The most viewed posts were:

  1. A better Punto for Brazil with 2.159 views
  2. The VW Up! takes off and hits Fiat 500,1.293 views
  3. VW Up!, not yet a threat for 500-Panda. Analysis, 1.143 views
  4. Fiat in trouble. VW Up! hits the market, 1.117 views
  5. Fiat-Chrysler begins its come back to China, 1.083 views
  6. Is Marchionne doing wrong?, 1.005 views
  7. Dodge Journey, a good idea, 974 views
  8. Fiat-Chrysler Q3 2012 results. Analysis, 922 views
  9. Fiat-Chrysler 2012 First half results analysis, 838 views
  10. How next Fiat Punto should be like, 757 views

The most commented ones:

  1. Fiat Panda leads again in October 2012
  2. How next Fiat Punto should be like
  3. How feasible are Alfa Romeo plans?
  4. Alfa Romeo in Brazil… how?
  5. Fiat Europe October/12: good and bad
  6. Quick outlook at Fiat Group results in Europe August 2012
  7. Fiat-Chrysler Q3 2012 results. Analysis
  8. Italian car market sinks. Fiat Group down 24%
  9. European car industry crisis. A possible solution?
  10. Mondial de l’Automobile Paris 2012, the news from Fiat-Chrysler

In 2013 I will continue to write and improve the blog with more and better information, close opinion and detailed analysis. Thanks to your visits I’m glad to say that creating this blog was a great idea that now works and can become much bigger. Have a great new year full of good things.


Juan Felipe


24 thoughts on “Fiat Group’s World 2012: my blog in numbers

  1. Juan Felipe, keep up the good work in 2013, and especially the analysis. I may not always agree with your conclusions, but I always enjoy reading the articles.


    • Thanks a lot thysi. I can notice you don’t always agree but that’s the main goal of this blog: to find different opinions and propose different solutions. Thanks for reading and keep in touch!


  2. Juanfe,
    you are doing an impressive job. I’m used to quote your articles, as well as BestSellingCars and CarsItaly, as the main source for the FGA data analysis, especially for the Panda vs Trio never ending struggle, when I leave a comment on Quattroruote or Mr. Cavicchi’s blog. And since I’m also an enthusiast reader of Guillermo Alfonsín of es.autoblog (even if, while speaking of FGA future plans, he often makes a lot of confusion…), I enjoy your comments too on that blog.

    Keep on the great work.


    • Hey murcielago. Thanks for your kind comment. I try to do my best here and I also am a close follower of Autoblog Espanol, as Spanish is my native language and I love that blog. Keep reading because this year I will try to improve the blog with more information and analysis. Regards! Felipe


  3. Only recently found your very interesting and constructive site which I will keep a keen eye on for the latest news.

    best wishes Richard


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