France 2012 Full Year Analysis

France is another big European market, which is important for Fiat-Chrysler. Last year it made part of those car markets with big falls just as it happened in Italy and Spain. However French car market did not fall as much as Italian one, but it was surpassed by the UK as the second largest car […]

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What’s new in Geneva 2013?

Geneva motor show is ready to open its doors for the first big European auto show so far this year. Fiat-Chrysler gets ready to show some interesting products that will concentrate the attention of mass media for sure. However there will be only two premiere, coming from Alfa Romeo and Ferrari exhibitions. As it happened […]

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Argentina 2012 Full Year Analysis

When analysts refer to Fiat in South America, most of the time they are talking about Brazil, which became Fiat’s largest car market and Fiat-Chrysler’s second one. But even if Fiat’s presence in Latin-American is highly concentrated in Brazil (86% of LATAM sales), there is a second market where the group has an important share. […]

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Canada 2012 Full Year Analysis

After Italy, USA, Brazil and Germany, Canada is the next market to be analyzed in Fiat Group’s World blog. It is Fiat-Chrysler’s 4th largest market by volume and is not far from the leaders in terms of market share. Canadian car market could be considered one of the developed world’s most stable ones, and this […]

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Thinking of an Alfa Romeo B-SUV

Alfa Romeo needs products. With only 2 models available and a third coming, the brand must enlarge its offer if it wants to survive. In 2012 they barely sold 100.000 units, which is nothing, and is close to what Saab sold just before closing definitely. Marchionne has talked about a future D-Sedan and SW (probably […]

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Germany 2012 Full Year Analysis

Germany is Fiat’s second largest market in Europe in terms of volume. In 2012 Fiat-Chrysler sold 91.818 cars, down 7.8%. It is not a bad number till one realizes that Germany is Europe’s largest car market: Fiat-Chrysler’s share is only 2.98%, down 0.16 basis points. And that’s not good at all to have such a […]

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Brazil 2012 Full Year Analysis

Brazil was world’s fourth largest car market and the second for Fiat-Chrysler in 2012. Before Fiat bought Chrysler, this market was already Fiat’s number 1 and saved Fiat from bankruptcy 10 years ago. It is perhaps Fiat’s most dynamic market and where most of the effort is concentrated. Due to the fact that it is […]

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