www.fiatgroupworld.com, my new domain

Fiat Group's WorldFrom now on the blog I’ve managed since May 2012 is going to have its own domain: http://www.fiatgroupworld.com. Due to more and more visitors, readers and comments, I decided to upgrade my status within WordPress, and I created this name so it will be easier to find my blog. I want to thank you all for reading my posts and I hope you keep doing so, because lot of analysis is still to come. It is my will to keep making analysis and research, and write my opinions, as I believe it is a good way of opening our minds and find solutions. So please add the domain to your favorites and keep reading. Regards, Felipe.


4 thoughts on “www.fiatgroupworld.com, my new domain

  1. Sounds like a risky choice for a domain name – it might give the impression that this site is affiliated with Fiat Group somehow, which Fiat Group itself may not necessarily appreciate…


    • I don’t think so. I make my best to analyse Fiat Group and propose new solutions and ideas. Critics are always welcome if they are well formulated and look to solve problems. Thanks anyway for your kind comment


      • My new domain name might be a bit risky too. I stated in my disclaimer page that I’m not affiliated with anyone. But not my intentions determine what wil happen, it depends on the policy of the firm whose name is being used. Time will tell.


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