Fiat 500L or Ford B-Max?

Fiat 500L and Ford B-Max

Fiat 500L and Ford B-Max

From now on I will try to make some polls about reader’s opinion about Fiat- Chrysler products against competitors. It’s just a matter of perception. Here is the first one: generally speaking, which B-MPV do you like more: the Fiat 500L or the Ford B-Max?


6 thoughts on “Fiat 500L or Ford B-Max?

  1. Thank you Felipe! Hellas is a beautiful country. Things aren’t going well the last 4-5 years! As an owner of 2 fiats, i have to thank you for all your informations!!! I see you know at least two words!!! That’s a start!!!


      • I have a grande punto t-jet 120ps, 2007 model and a cinquecento 900cc, open top(!!!), 1997 model!
        With corfu you hit the jack pot!!! My favorite place! I’ve been there about 60 times!It’s a big and sad story!


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