Jeep Grand Cherokee or Ford Explorer?

Jeep Grand Cherokee vs Ford Explorer 2After 1 week and 105 votes for the first poll in Fiat Group’s World blog, here it is the second poll. Which one do you like the most: Jeep Grand Cherokee or Ford Explorer? remember, it is not about which one is better or which one you would buy. It is only a matter of what you like.

Jeep Grand Cherokee vs Ford Explorer 3

Jeep Grand Cherokee vs Ford Explorer 4

Jeep Grand Cherokee vs Ford Explorer 5

Results for Poll # 1

Fiat 500L: 90%

Ford B-Max: 10%

Total Votes: 104


7 thoughts on “Jeep Grand Cherokee or Ford Explorer?

  1. This one is a much easier question, I think, there is no question in my mind that the Grand Cherokee is a very nice design.


      • It would be worth looking at registrations from about 5 years ago, before redesign (and before the old models were REALLY old) to compare the impact of the new models. Do you have that data?


  2. It would be worthwhile to look at sales date from about 5 years ago, for the old designs, but before their final years. What has been the impact of the new design for each one?


  3. Hi Juan Felipe ,
    This is another “simple” question 😉 : The Jeep , in general, as written the history of the off-road ( In Italy for example , always , the Gippone word than the Gip are synonymous of 4×4 cars ) .
    The elephantine Ford Explorer (than the older Expedition ) is only good….stopped in the parking !


  4. Sales figures for Jeep GCherokee and Ford Explorer in USA:
    02 224.000
    03 207.000
    04 182.000
    05 214.000
    06 139.000
    07 121.000
    08 74.000
    09 50.000
    10 85.000
    11 128.000
    12 155.000

    Ford Explorer
    02 434.000
    03 373.000
    04 339.000
    05 240.000
    06 179.000
    07 138.000
    08 78.000
    09 52.000
    10 61.000
    11 136.000
    12 164.000


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