Geneva Autoshow 2013: my impressions (all brands)

Geneva 2013I had the chance to visit the Geneva Motor Show. This was my third time in this great event which gathers the best of the best of European car market. I really enjoyed the time there and that’s why I want to share with you all my impressions about what I saw, what I liked and what I didn’t of all major exhibitors. The order follows my route during the event.



The IS is simply awesome because of how it looks (especially in the back) and its interior. Nice to see that there are still car makers that risk a bit and propose different cars.




It seems that the driving simulator they had installed in a FT-86 had a bigger impact than the 2 concepts they presented. The new Rav4 looks  very nice in the front, side and interior, but ugly in the back. The Auris is definitely ugly inside.



DSC09791Nice stand. Once again I confirm that the new Clio (SW included) is a great car. In RS version looks awesome. The same for the Captur, that even if looks like the Clio, it has its own stamp. Surprisingly the Twizy didn’t shine. The ZOE looks nice but its interior is really poor (now I understand why it is that cheap).



DSC09802The Cascada (Astra Cabriolet) is fantastic: elegant, sporty and classic. The Adam looks better in person (and the interior is very nice). The Rocks concept is nice but a bit exaggerated.



DSC09807Interesting the new Logan MCV. Now they all look more germans (VW?) in the front. Inside they continue to be low-cost cars. The Logan Sedan wasn’t exhibited that day.


DSC09812Disorganized and simple stand. Very ugly concepts.The SpaceStar (aka Colt) is extremely simple.



DSC09816The new Corvette shines. It is very nice in both versions, cabrio and coupe. However, it doesn’t gather as many people as its European rivals. Nice stand.



DSC09820The brand didn’t have anything really new and impressive. The new Santa Fe looks very nice and big. Their main problem is that its stand is just beside Lamborghini’s.


DSC09822The new P1 doesn’t tell me anything compared to its German and Italian rivals.


DSC09828The new Veneno is even worse in person than in photos. It is absolutely awful. Contrary to the gorgeous Aventador.


Nothing new except for the 918 Spyder Concept, which look very nice.


DSC09831The usual stuff. The RS Q4 looks nice in red. Nice stand as always with all cars available for everybody.



DSC09832The new Flying Spur is absolutely gorgeous, especially with that colour. However, the Mulsanne looks better.


The new Octavia is really nice. Nice interior, nice exterior and generally speaking a very good car. It is not the case for the Rapid, which I found pretty basic in its interior and doors. Outside is hard to differentiate them.


DSC09834The new XL1 looks better in person but it is not a beautiful car. It is extremely short and narrow. Its interior is nice but its components correspond to a regular car. The new Golf is very nice but once again is a car that doesn’t tell me anything.



DSC09849The new Leon is very nice too. I would say is the best compact of VW Group (among the Golf, Octavia and A3). Is different, has its own stamp in the front and rear. Inside is not bad. The Toledo, as the Rapid, looks nice till you get in.



They exposed an interesting half part of the Forester where it was possible to see how the car is made and how the Boxer system works. Nothing new


DSC09856Nissan had one of the best concepts of the show: the Resonance. The Note looks nice. The stand was too small.


DSC09855The Civic Tourer Concept looks great. Different, dynamic and very original. Nothing else new.


DSC09857New SX4: they just copied the Qashqai.


IED, Alfa Romeo Gloria: it looks nice only in the side view. The front and rear are not that nice.


DSC09887All Rolls-Royce look nice and the new proposal was interesting too. They are so big.


DSC09931Nothing new. The new 6 looks better outside than inside.


DSC09933I like the idea of exhibit all cars with the same colour (however it may look a bit boring and difficult for common visitor to differentiate all models). I liked the new Ecosport and the LCV models.


Nothing new but great cars. The stand looks too small for the quantity of cars they show (crisis?).


DSC09939Nothing new. The updated S60/V60/XC60 look much better. I liked the V40 Cross Country.


DSC09943The new Range is very nice. Too big and full of nice details. They did a good job.


DSC09944The F-Type is absolutely gorgeous: elegant and distinctive. Very nice stand, integrated with LR.


DSC09945The 2008 is not as original as previous Peugeot. Is not bad but doesn’t have anything shocking except for its nice interior (as it happens to the 208). Compared to the Captur, it looks boring. Onix concept is great. The 208 XY looks cool. Nice and big stand.



DSC09949Nothing new except for the Paceman, which looks nice but a bit uncomfortable. Nice music in the stand.


DSC09951Big and impressive stand. The 3-Series GT looks good in the front but very ugly in the back. Wonderful the 3-Series SW they showed in blue colour. I was expecting the 4-Series, but they showed the i8 and i3 concepts.



DSC09958Really big stand with the latest CLA, which looks very cool in the rear. Inside, in the back is a bit uncomfortable. The updated E-Class is nice but I think it lost personality. Amazing the CLS Shooting Break.



DSC09969I liked their cars but it wasn’t possible to see the interiors. A big jump for Chinese cars.


DSC09971The new Carens looks nice but as it happens to Audi, all Kias begin to look the same. The Provo didn’t tell me anything.



DSC09975I liked the Q50 a lot. It looks elegant and pretty sober, contrary to its rival from Lexus.


DSC09976The new Technospace concept is not bad but they placed it like if they didn’t want to show it. I’m in love with the DS5. The updated C3 improved a lot in the interior.


I closed my visit with this weird and ugly Fornasari, parked outside.




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