How happy are you with your Fiat 500?

Photo by 500 Blog

Photo by 500 Blog

What do you like the most of your Fiat 500? what part of it was crucial to choose it? would you recommend it to your friends? Today is the poll day. Last time we asked about the preferences between the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and VW Golf. This time the poll becomes a survey focused on those who happily drive a Fiat 500. No matter where you’re located, if you own this car I would like to know your level of satisfaction with it. The 4 minutes survey comes from the idea of some friends of mine that currently study a MSc Business Development in Grenoble École de Management, in France. Your help will be really appreciated as the results will help to have the best insights and understand several things of this iconic car.

Click here to answer the survey

Results for Poll # 3

Alfa Romeo Giulietta: 88%

VW Golf: 12%

Total Votes: 123


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