Lancia Ypsilon or Nissan Micra?

Ypsilon vs Micra 1

Two different ways of conceiving a different car. Italians created the Lancia Ypsilon to offer a small B-Segment car with a different approach focusing on details and elegance. Nissan created the Micra (to be soon replaced by a tiny facelift) after mixing the Japanese culture with European requirements. Result: two small B-Segment cars with their own stamp. Which one do you like more?

Ypsilon vs Micra 3Ypsilon vs Micra 4Ypsilon vs Micra 5Ypsilon vs Micra 6Ypsilon vs Micra 7

Results for Poll # 4

Dodge Dart: 96%

Chevrolet Cruze: 4%

Total Votes: 100


6 thoughts on “Lancia Ypsilon or Nissan Micra?

    • Hi Damir, The comparison is based on their size, their concepts: both cars have a strong personality in terms of their origin. The Ypsilon was designed considering Italian needs, while the Micra (in my opinion) has a lot of Japanese mini cars. Price is not considered


      • Well i think it is a bad comparison, the lancia is far more expensive and its concept is urban luxury (even if the build quality isn’t that good). A better comparison would be fiat panda and nissan micra.


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