Maserati Ghibli or BMW 5-Series?

Maserati Ghibli vs BMW 5-SeriesMaserati wants to sell a lot. The Ghibli is here for that goal. But first it has to fight against the invincible Germans which control the segment. Personally I think this new Maserati won’t disappoint in any aspect but it will not be an easy job to catch clients from Mercedes, BMW or Audi, as they are quite comfortable with their products. In this new poll I would like you to tell me which one do you like more, the Ghibli or the 5-Series?

Ghibli vs 5-Series

Ghibli vs 5-Series 2

Ghibli vs 5-Series 3

Ghibli vs 5-Series 4

Results for Poll # 6

Ram 1500: 73%

Ford F-150: 27%

Total Votes: 60


19 thoughts on “Maserati Ghibli or BMW 5-Series?

  1. certo si sarebbe dovuto mettere la serie 5 pack M e non la banale active hybrid per un confronto più sensato


    • La Ghibli non è in versione sportiva,cosa cambierebbe vedere una 5 o una 5 allestimento M?Il confronto più sensato si potrà fare tra Ghibli GT S e M5,ma a parità di versioni credo che questa comparazione si giusta.


  2. No comparison the Ghibli is the winner. However I think they could have been a little more aggressive with the rear end styling. Looks a bit Japanese to me from the pics.


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  4. Ghibli can be a serious competitive alternative to Bmw 5 in most “fat” markets hoping that Maserati has enough dealer network because in some european countries is distributed only thru 2-3 dealers…… probably need the alfa romeo dealers help to sell in good numbers


    • You’re right. Using Alfa’s dealers would be a good thing only for Alfa Romeo, but I don’t think Maserati would like to share its sales place with a MiTo, for example.


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