Alfa Romeo MiTo or Citroën DS3?

MiTo vs DS3Making use of the ‘new’ MiTo Model Year, today’s poll places this Alfa Romeo against another premium small 3 door: the Citroën DS3. They are both positioned in the upper part of the B-Segment, along with the Mini Cooper and the Audi A1. They offer the advantages of a small urban car, but they add a premium touch, which is clearly recognized in their exterior design, and in their interesting interiors. Both of them were developed following popular cars’ platforms: the MiTo uses the Fiat Punto’s, and the DS3 is built using the Citroën C3’s. In terms of sales, the Citroën can say it has done a good job, as its registrations are quite good in France, Spain, the UK, and other markets in Europe. Isn’t the case for the Alfa Romeo, which isn’t popular anywhere, Italy included. It seems people don’t find it pretty or sometimes expensive, considering its cheap origin. The MiTo is the first mini Alfa Romeo and was introduced in 2008. Which one you like more?

MiTo vs DS3 2

MiTo vs DS3 3

MiTo vs DS3 4

MiTo vs DS3 6

MiTo vs DS3 7

MiTo vs DS3 8

Results for Poll # 14

Jeep Compass: 58%

Nissan Rogue/Qashqai: 42%

Total Votes: 97


12 thoughts on “Alfa Romeo MiTo or Citroën DS3?

  1. Being an Alfisti I prefer the Mito but definitely there is something that most people don’t like. I think it’s the styling. Trying to make a small hatch back out of the 8C style does not work. I’ve also read many reviews that criticize the ride quality.


  2. The Mito is the only Alfa I can think of that looks uglier in person than it does in photos, and it’s really ugly in photos. The Giulietta looks good in person because you can see the way the contours and curves work, which can’t be picked up in photo. I’ve never read a good report on the Mito, so its poor sales is not surprising. I think this update is an acknowledgement from the Fiat overlords that the Mito is a lost cause and no point throwing much money on it. Will be interesting to see if they do the same minimal work with the Giulietta in its midlife update.


  3. The Mito has an aggressive early seventies LeMans front end. I could see Steve McQueen driving one, but not that hideous Kia looking DS3. As for sales, europe has alot of light in the loafer Audi types buying cars now, and Fiat has to adjust to the times, as hard as that is for me to say, & build cars for people who do not really like cars.


  4. Each Alfa you can recognize it’s like Bmw you can see an Alfa from far away…not many brands transmit this strong emotion ….than if Mito has other troubles it’s a different story but it’s aestetich is out of question desirable like all Alfas …


  5. I only saw one in my whole life, and it was very beautiful!

    The only thing i hate on DS3, is in the middle of the car, this ”columm” colored, its just… UGLY.


  6. I want to like the Mito but to me the front looks like an owl. I cant get over that!


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