Dodge Caravan or Honda Odyssey?

Dodge Caravan vs Honda OdysseyA champion against a ‘best-seller wanna be’. The Caravan (or Grand Caravan) has been always a key product for Chrysler group as it is the absolute leader of D-MPV segment in North America. Not even GM or Ford could beat the immense popularity of the Caravan, which is the direct successor of the very first MPV ever created, the Chrysler Town & Country. The model is mostly sold in USA, Canada, and Mexico, and it is exported to Europe as the Lancia Voyager. Its main rivals are the Honda Odyssey, Nissan Quest, and Toyota Sienna. The success of the Caravan is explained by its unique way of mixing roominess, comfort, and classic lines. Contrary to its Japanese rivals, this Dodge doesn’t appeal to exotic shapes or fantastic features. It is just a normal MPV intended for transporting people who can feel comfortable and safe inside. The Honda is much more aggressive in its design, with interesting interior features that have allowed the brand to gain more market share in the D-MPV segment. That’s what the next generation Caravan wants to point at: more crossover and less minivan (the Chrysler Town & Country will play the role of the classic MPV). Which one do you like more?

Dodge Caravan vs Honda Odyssey 2Dodge Caravan vs Honda Odyssey 3

Dodge Caravan vs Honda Odyssey 4

Dodge Caravan vs Honda Odyssey 5

Dodge Caravan vs Honda Odyssey 6

Dodge Caravan vs Honda Odyssey 7

Dodge Caravan vs Honda Odyssey 8

Results for Poll # 15

Alfa Romeo MiTo: 63%

Citroën DS3: 37%

Total Votes: 109


3 thoughts on “Dodge Caravan or Honda Odyssey?

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  2. I drove the Dodge Gran Caravan during our last canadian holidays 2 years ago and it was a really confortable car with a good and reliable V6 engine. No problem to start the engine with minus 35 degree outside. The only criticable thing was the automatic gear box(5or 6speed), to old and everytime changing to much the gears and “eating” the power of the engine…but the new one should receive the new 9 speed gear box from ZF.


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