Brazil: Alfa Romeo beats Ferrari

Picture by:  Mike Yaworski. All rights reserved

Picture by: Mike Yaworski. All rights reserved

Even if both brands are rare to see in the Brazilian roads, people over there are some how aware of the sporty and Italian fascination of Alfa Romeo and Ferrari. Yes, there are some official dealers of Ferrari, and soon Alfa Romeo will be officially introduced using Chrysler dealerships. But it is always good to hear that in the case of Alfa, its cars and image is quite good in a market that is larger than Germany and is expected to jump into larger and more luxury cars in the coming years. Things get better when one realizes that the Biscione brand can beat the always popular and desired Ferrari. It was possible in an online poll made by Jalopnik Brazil, an important automotive blog. The poll compared 2 specific models of the Italian brands: the 8C Competizione vs. the California. They are both super sport cars, but they are quite different: the 8C is smaller and evokes the glorious past of the brand. Meanwhile, the California is the light Ferrari, bigger than the Alfa Romeo, but doesn’t represent the essence of Ferrari. The result: 702 votes and a clear winner: the Alfa Romeo 8C with 64% of them. It is a big advantage over the California, and tells a lot of what Alfa Romeo can do in Brazil if it correctly marketed. I insist that they should wait to have more products to start operations in Brazil, but it seems that the brand will soon be available over there. This poll is a good start.

Poll made by Jalopnik Brazil. Click here for the link

Photos by Art & Revs, and Pura Potencia Blog. Poll made by Jalopnik Brazil. Click here for the link

Thanks to my friend Leonardo Zanella for the tip


2 thoughts on “Brazil: Alfa Romeo beats Ferrari

    • Hey Rider.

      Alfa Romeo didn’t sell Alfa 8C in Brazil. Actually, the last Alfa Romeo sold in Brazil was the 156.


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