Lancia Delta or Citroën DS4?

Delta vs DS4It was hard to find a direct rival for the Lancia Delta. This car makes part of the C-Segment even if it is larger and is positioned in the upper part of it. Besides, it is not considered a premium option so it can’t compete with the 3 premium Germans. But it is not as ‘basic’ as the mainstream options. The current Delta is a luxury, fancy, and attractive 5 door hatchback that was launched in 2008 to give the brand a second chance in the C-Segment. It had a relatively good start in Italy but soon its sales dropped everywhere consequence of the poor image of Lancia as a brand, and the high prices. Nonetheless, Lancia was one of the few mainstream brands to offer a premium compact. Years later Citroën launched the DS4 as the premium version of its popular C4. The DS4 makes part of the DS premium line of the French brand and has had a moderate success in Europe. The car is offered with the latest PSA technologies and very good and refined interior. Even if it is difficult to make an accurate comparison between them (the Lancia is older), this time I want you to vote between the Italian or French ‘premium’ touch in C-Segment.

Delta vs DS4 2

Delta vs DS4 3

Delta vs DS4 4

Delta vs DS4 5

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Results for Poll # 16

Dodge Caravan: 77%

Honda Odyssey: 23%

Total Votes: 62


8 thoughts on “Lancia Delta or Citroën DS4?

  1. I vote for the DS. It looks better and is newer. Delta is based on the quite ordinary Bravo. Needs replacement soon.


  2. It’s a thing of taste…but I think that the Delta is much more beautiful, not the mainstream and this is good…unfortunately a very underrated car….. and I had the opportunity to drive this car more times and I was positively surprised about the quality interiors and the comfort…


  3. I vote for Delta. Maybe because it’s my car 😉
    I bought Delta last year and I’m still more than satisfied.
    Here in Poland Delta is still rare car but it should change when private import of used cars start. Still to come as Delta keep value.


  4. Delta has a really dark, ugly interior, nowhere near the quality look or feel that real Lancias had. Time to either kill the brand or let REAL designers handle the brand, this is just a mediocre rebadged Bravo with none of the Bravo clean lines and all of the mediocrity…


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  6. I vote to Ds4. Delta’s design is perfect but material quality is very bad. This amazing design wasted with that materials. Sorry.


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