Trivia: the pope Francis uses Fiat

Papa Francisco FiatSummer, it is time for a trivia. The pope Francis continues to get the attention with his statements and facts. Recently he said that he was ashamed of the behavior of certain cardinals that use luxury cars for their transportation. He has refused to use the armored Mercedes fleet of Vatican City, as he prefers to be transported in a simple Ford Focus or sometimes in a big and luxury VW Phaeton. The thing is that for his next visit to Brazil he’s going to use 2 simple cars: a Fiat Idea and a Fiat Bravo. Despite president Dilma’s suggestion to use more sophisticated cars, the pope insisted that he doesn’t need anything big or luxury to move. Fiat will supply a white Idea and a black Bravo, and it is certainly a good thing for the brand and its image in that country. Good for Francis, good for Fiat.


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