Brazil: Fiat updates the Strada

1383534_568324419889199_1778519151_nSome weeks ago Fiat Brazil presented a refresh version of the Strada, the country’s best-selling pickup. It was the only member of the Palio-derived family not to receive an update since the presentation of the new Palio and Siena in 2011 and 2012. The ‘new’ Strada is now more functional thanks to a third side door that improves the access of passengers (there is no central pillar). Thanks to this solution, the room in the back seat is now 100% bigger, as the previous version could transport people in the back in only 0,5 m2 while the 2014 version can do it in 1 m2. This means more comfort and safe ride for these passengers. In the exterior, Fiat changed the stoplights with a better looking ones, while the front remains more or less the same. This pickup gained more cargo capacity. The range is composed by 6 different versions: 3 Working (regular, extended and double cabin) with 1,4 Flex engine; one Trekking version (with double cabin) and 1,6 Flex E.torQ engine; and 2 Adventure versions (extended and double cabin) powered by 1.8 Flex E.torQ engine.

527030_570546876333620_1299190139_nFiat sold around 130.000 Stradas last year in the whole world, out of which more than 117.000 were sold in Brazil. It was the 6th best-selling car in Brazil in 2012 and the absolute leader in that country (almost doubling its immediate rival, the VW Saveiro). YTD numbers indicate that the brand has sold 105.000 units, up 7,5% in a market that falls 1,4%. In Argentina the Strada is also quite popular. In 2012 the brand sold 7.600 units placing it in the pole position in the small pickup segment, ahead of the Saveiro. Fiat has sold more than 8.000 units in the first 10 months of this year. These are good reasons to believe that the small pickup will continue to be a key product for Fiat in South America and the arrival of a larger pickup could increase Fiat presence in the pickup segment.





7 thoughts on “Brazil: Fiat updates the Strada

      • Proton has been selling a similar sized pickup here for quite a few years and it is very popular, as was the previously available Subaru. Our market is continuing a general trend to downsizing of vehicles and this would fill that need in the ute segment.


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