Norway 2012 Results Highlights

Norway 2012Car sales were quite stable in Norway during 2012. While its neighbours like Sweden and Finland saw important falls, Norway car registrations fell a tiny 0,3% just as it happened in Denmark. A total of 138.000 new passenger cars were sold in this Scandinavian country. Half of this market is composed by SUVs and C-Segment cars. D-Segment (specially SW) are also popular, while the E-Segment (again mostly composed by SW versions) is more popular than city-cars. VW owns a big 26% share and is followed by Toyota which had a positive growth year-on-year. Volvo occupies a brilliant third position outselling Ford. Hyundai and Kia outsold Peugeot and Citroën. GM is not even in the top 10 while Fiat-Chrysler controls only 0,8% of the market, ahead of Renault, almost invisible there. The big winners are Toyota, Hyundai, Subaru and Mazda. The big losers are Mitsubishi and Ford.

Source: FGW data basis, Bestselling cars blog,

Source: FGW data basis, Bestselling cars blog,

In the case of Fiat-Chrysler, it is important to mention the big advance in sales registrations of Jeep models. This shows that the brand has a big potential in this market and can add interesting numbers to the group’s results.

Source: FGW data basis, Bestselling cars blog,

Source: FGW data basis, Bestselling cars blog,

Source: FGW data basis, Bestselling cars blog,

Source: FGW data basis, Bestselling cars blog,




6 responses to “Norway 2012 Results Highlights

  1. One way for FIAT to increase it’s market share significantly in Norway is to offer the 500e which is currently being sold only in California. The tax savings plus free tolls and parking for electric cars in Norway has made the Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf the best selling cars in recent months. Of course a larger more practical electric car/mpv would probably be better suited than the 500e for Norway’s roads and market.

  2. only 500 has decent volume sales the rest is a desert. More successfull are sales of light vehicle where doblo and & are selling more than double quantity comparing to ordinary cars. 500 e as classic bob rightly said is a good idea for improving sales in Norway but i doubt that fiat will do it because they lose money for producing that car and they prefer to lose money for a big market like usa rather than a small market

    • True, light commercial vehicles sell much better in Norway because of much lower taxes than passenger cars. I’ve heard some have successfully registered 2 seat Porsches as commercial vehicles to save taxes.

      Marchionne says Fiat looses $10k on each 500e they sell, but I think his calculation’s based on low production volume vs high development cost. If the production capacity is there, he could probably sell just as many 500e in Norway making $5k on each, and offset most of the development cost and losses taken in California. Apparently they didn’t plan for higher volumes, since the 500e has been sold out for months in California..

  3. i didn’t know about the Porsche… sound interesting… well regarding fiat 500 e … i would be pleased if they ll do what you said but i still doubt that if they lose so much money they will do…Marchionne is a money saver for more important goals..understandable…i think

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