Ecco the new Fiat Ottimo

The new Fiat Ottimo. The HB version of the Viaggio. Ottimo means 'Very well' in Italian. Photo by:
The new Fiat Ottimo. The HB version of the Viaggio. Ottimo means ‘Very well’ in Italian. Photo by: has just released the very first pictures of the all-new Fiat Ottimo, the hatchback version of the Viaggio. It is the second locally produced Fiat, and is expected to hit the dealers in the coming months. Fiat will show it on November 22nd at the Guangzhou Motor Show and its goal will be to help the joint-venture to increase its production levels. According to Automotive news Europe, Fiat expects to sell 30.000 Ottimos next year, and 40.000 Viaggios. Meanwhile the same plant gets ready to start the production of the Jeeps (the Grand Cherokee and Cherokee?) in early 2015. The new-born incorporates a refreshed front grill and fog lights that are supposed to be available in an updated Viaggio. In the back, it is quite conservative and the license plate will be positioned somewhere between the stop lights and the bumper. Engines are not expected to be different from the Viaggio’s, while the interior should be upgraded.

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22 thoughts on “Ecco the new Fiat Ottimo

  1. A bit Volvo V40 front…let’s see
    I like it!

    Felipe i am very happy for your mail!


  2. It’s a pretty nice design, but fairly generic, not much Italian style to be seen. Still, it would make a good addition to the European line-up.


  3. In Europe it will probably be the Bravo replacement… The name Ottimo may do ‘very well’ in Italy, but i hope they choose a better name when they market it in Europe…


  4. At least china is getting a range of new midsize cars. Here in Europe if reports are to believed, we are destined for nothing more than endless variants of 500 and Panda. Come on Fiat, put up a fight and give us proper cars, not just variants on your two smallest models!


  5. Yes I agree with Classic Bob on this one. “Ottimo” sounds funny to me. Given how great many Italian words sound I think Fiat could have done better to adopt a more universally acceptable name.


  6. That a dreadful name for italian market …it’s a dull word empty without any carisma…i hope they will change it…and the car it self doesn’t impress me at all …if they want another failure like bravo this is the right way


  7. Viaggio / Ottimo is currently only intended for the Chineese market. End of 2013 or 2014, Fiat with a press release on the European plan of Fiat. Greetings from the Netherlands


  8. How about this as a Chrylser 200 hatchback in Europe, leaving FIAT focussing on the city and supermini ranges with 500 and Panda.
    The Panda could be the functional car, note not cheap, just more practical in its appearance, and could have a 3-Dr entry model, Panda Uno??, Panda 5-dr, moved up half a class to supermini, & ‘Giant’ Panda, family sized hatch, 7 seats??.
    500 family would extend to include
    500, 500C, 500 Abarth range
    600, 600L, 600C, 600X, supermini replacing 500L, 500L MPW, 500X
    124 Spider
    Chrylser could Become mainstream full range,
    100 – new FIAT Aegea
    200 – extend range to use Ottimo hatch and SW
    700 – MPV


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