2014 Results

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles worldwide sales statistics


3 thoughts on “2014 Results

  1. Hi Felipe, first of all congrats for your state-of-the-art website! 🙂 I’m a student from Italy who is writing a master thesis on the EU car industry from an antitrust perspective, and I found your schematics about 2013 and 2014 sales very useful since they are broken up by segment and manufacturer. I have a question: are you going to publish 2015 data too? Or if not, can you tell me if they are available for free and on what platform (I couldn’t found them on the sources you mentioned below the schematics). Thanks a lot in advance!!



      • Hi, I’m fine! Thank you for your reply and sorry for being a little late to answer, eventually the 2014 results were all I needed, so it’s ok. But thank you anyway for your help and keep up your outstanding work 😉 Aficionados need people like you!


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