My visit to Geneva 2014 Motor Show

DSC00672This was my fourth time in Geneva’s Motor Show. I had to be there to see the new Jeep Renegade, the Maserati Alfieri, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider and the new rivals of the Fiat 500. European car market seems to be growing again, and Geneva is a proof of that. Many new cars, proposals and interesting concepts that I had the pleasure to visit and I share with you.

The new Twingo

DSC00615 DSC00616When I saw the first pictures I immediately associated it with the Fiat 500. After seeing it in Geneva I must say that it is not that close to the beautiful Fiat. The new Twingo is boxy, and it looks more like an Indian city-car (it reminds me the Hyundai Santro). However it looks fresh and I’m sure is going to be a success.

Toyota Aygo

DSC00617 DSC00618It could be the ugliest car of the whole auto show. Bad taste, terrible colours, too many lines and details. The X in the front looks awful, while the rear view looks more Chinese than Japanese.

New Citroën C1

DSC00656Even if it’s a twin brother of the Aygo, the Citroën looks quite nice. Nice front view, nice headlights and dimensions.

Peugeot 108

DSC00662Too many lines and details for a city-car. It doesn’t look bad, but it is not what you expect when thinking of A-segment car.


DSC00654My friends and I had the opportunity to get in Rolls-Royce stand. We were guided by dedicated staff who showed us the whole current range. Amazing cars.

Citroën C4 Cactus

DSC00657It disappointed me. It looks small and lacks of grace. You don’t understand if it is a small SUV or a regular passenger car. With the basic trim, it looks cheap. I didn’t like it.

Mercedes S-Class

DSC00658An amazing flagship specially on its 3-door version. It’s so big and shocking. The rear view isn’t a Mercedes. I loved the interior of the new C-Class.

BMW Active Tourer

DSC00660It looks nice. I think BMW did a good job designing its first small MPV. The rear view is almost the same of the Mercedes B-Class. This BMW is going to be another success.

New Mini

DSC00661I like it, and I like it a lot. However it’s hard to see the differences with the previous generation. It will be an enormous success.

Mini Clubman Concept

DSC00663It is not a Mini. I don’t like it as a concept and how it looks. But the stop lights Lead look fantastic (not the form).

Range Rover

DSC00665I love this SUV. It could be my favorite. It’s elegant, big, strong and unique. Its exterior design is a good as its interior.

Jaguar F-Type

DSC00668Amazing Jaguar. It is absolutely gorgeous and balanced: the perfect combination of good taste in a sporty package that conquered my heart.

Mazda 2 Concept

DSC00671An interesting concept that combines the Mazda’s latest designs with a small package.

Skoda Vision C

DSC00673It was VW’s most interesting car. Very good shaped lines and interesting proposal for a future sporty sedan. Alfa Romeo should look carefully this car.

New Audi TT

DSC00674It looks nice because it doesn’t change. The previous generation was very pretty, and the new one is almost the same. Audi: nice cars but boring designs.

Porsche Macan

DSC00675I like it more than the Cayenne. The new Macan has everything to be a complete success. Porsche did well to boost its cash machine, but it hurts its real fans with a mid-size SUV.

Lamborghini Huracan

DSC00676The color is fantastic and so the car. Even if I prefer the Ferraris, I must recognize that the latest Lambos are just amazing.

NEXT POST: Fiat’s latest cars in Geneva.



7 thoughts on “My visit to Geneva 2014 Motor Show

  1. It’s great to hear from you Juan!
    Would be good to have your regular news and reviews Juan like we had last year?


  2. Juan,

    It’s sadly looking like this really interesting web/blog site has run it’s course.
    Tell us I’m wrong please!



  3. Nice to see the variety but hurts to see the same Fiat 500s again and again :(…Hoping for some blast from the group (especially FIAT) in the future.


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