The cars of Fiat Chrysler at Geneva 2014

I must recognize that despite the lack of many new cars, Fiat Chrysler was one of the main players at Geneva motor show this year. The whole group presented 5 all-new cars for the European market and 2 of them could be considered the cars of the show. Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat, Jeep, Lancia and Maserati were all there with their beautiful stands.

Abarth showed the new 695 biposto (2-seats) in a very rustic stand.

DSC00634 DSC00635Alfa Romeo had the sexy 4C Spider with new headlights and rims, along with the new Quadrifoglio Verde line that included the updated Giulietta. This time Alfa’s stand was right in front of Ferrari’s and hosted a 1923 RL Targa Fiorio. All of these cars looked great over the red floor.

DSC00629Ferrari stand, the autoshow’s most popular, hosted the new California, which doesn’t change quite much. It was surrounded by the whole range (which was easy to find in Geneva’s streets).

DSC00619 DSC00621 DSC00622Fiat was located in the same place of last year and focused the attention on the 500 range (that will have a tough time during this year), while the Cross line, composed by the Panda and Freemont, were positioned in the main entrance. The 500 Cult in ‘verde latte menta’ color looks fantastic.

DSC00623 DSC00624 DSC00626 DSC00627The main player of FCA group was definitely Jeep. It had the largest stand with the highest number of cars. The reason for this was the world premiere for the all-new Renegade, the first Jeep totally built outside the USA, and the first small SUV for FCA. Certainly it was the group’s most important presentation. But the Renegade wasn’t the only news coming from Jeep. The brand presented the new Cherokee for European markets. Another great SUV in my opinion.

Lancia changed its location, as it was next to Ferrari stand and in front of Jeep’s. Smaller and discrete, it only hosted the Ypsilon model (3 different versions) and one Voyager. The result: very few visitors.

DSC00637 DSC00638 DSC00639 DSC00644Maserati was the other star of the show. In a key location (next to Rolls-Royce and Ferrari and in front of Aston Martin), the promising brand showed the spectacular Alfieri concept, which was in my opinion the car of the show. It is absolutely fantastic, from all points of view. This time the biggest part of the stand was open to public that could enjoy with the beautiful Quattroporte and Ghibli, while the Alfieri and the most refined versions of the sedans and Gran Turismo were closed to special guests.


One thought on “The cars of Fiat Chrysler at Geneva 2014

  1. The Ferrari FF is still attractive as an all-weather, 4-seater sport saloon, yet there’s almost no trump card in Alfa-Romeo. That’s the serious problem for Fiat-Chrysler group.


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