Lancia updates the Ypsilon. What’s the people’s opinion?

Lancia-Ypsilon_2016_800x600_wallpaper_08After 4 years in the market Lancia updated the Ypsilon with tiny changes in the exterior and interior. The car that’s considered to be the last Lancia ever got a second life that according to the brand will be available across the main European markets, contrary to what FCA top executives said during the Investor day in May 2014. In an interview to an Italian newspaper, he said that Lancia was going to focus on Italian market with the Ypsilon model only. As of today Lancia keeps attending the main European auto shows showing its subcompact, and Frankfurt 2015 wasn’t the exception. The brand revealed what they call the “new Ypsilon” featuring a new grill and foglights, and the usual new colors and trims (a new infotainment system was also incorporated). But what do people think about it? Thanks to my friend Davide Magini, Web Analytics director in Estrogeni SRL, I can share with you the overall sentiment the car generated during and after its presentation.

Estrogeni is a consultancy firm founded in Rome in 2003. They provide sentiment analysis and marketing services to clients in Cinema & TV, Gaming and Banking industries, as well as telecommunications, fashion and automotive industries.

Click here for the whole presentation (in Italian) Lancia Ypsilon restyling – sentiment analysis

These are the main insights:

Lancia Ypsilon 2016 web sentiment measured by Estrogeni. The 3 weeks results include more than 1000 comments analyzed.

Lancia Ypsilon 2016 web sentiment measured by Estrogeni. The 3 weeks results include more than 2000 comments/likes included.

As expected, most of the positive comments are related to the design.

As expected, most of the positive comments are related to the design.

Many people disliked the new look of the Ypsilon.

Many people disliked the new look of the Ypsilon.

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6 thoughts on “Lancia updates the Ypsilon. What’s the people’s opinion?

  1. This car has never been a good looker and the changes do not help one bit.
    Lancia made a mistake changes the much loved grille for the non descript Chrysleresque one.


  2. Lancia has come from having some of the most desirable automobiles to becoming a complety irrelevant brand. Thus, even the styling of the Ypsilon has become completely irrelevant, and the changes don’t move me one way or another.

    The only hope for the brand is a revival of one iconic model. May I suggest a new Stratos, Fulvia, Delta Integrale.. Yet you and I know full well that FCA lacks the will and capital to revive the brand. The days of this legendary marque are numbered.


    • lancia could be revived only by Ferrari independently from FCA
      initially with the Stratos, Fulvia and Delta integrale this cars were legends and legends stay alive ……..


  3. Anyways in my opinion the Ypsilon has a beautiful chic design that is very very lovely and also i like the price which is very suitable better then other models in its category .
    Now at this moment we hope and i hope Lancia and the People of FCA especially Mr : Sergio Marchionne, will help Lancia to be back to its track again and to creat other new Models Like as Fiat did to the new 124,Fullback and the Agea/Tipo So why not to invest on Lancia a little bit of Money 😉


  4. Being in Australia, the Ypsilon has never been available. The only one I’ve seen was in Yangon, Myanmar of all places. It looks better in the metal than photos, as is the case for most Italian cars as they have curves and form that 2D imagery just can’t capture.

    I think the opportunity exists for Lancia to be re-invented as an electric car maker, like Tesla. FCA could co-operate with other manufacturers on the technology front, including Tesla. Lancia was always an innovative marque and could be once again in the new world of low emission vehicles and given the recent agreement for world governments to reduce CO2 levels.

    An electric Lancia Fulvia similar in style to the 2003 show car would be awesome. Would definitely get one as our city car to replace the Giulietta.


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