What to expect from Mike Manley?


The latest news are not only sad but shocking. No one expected an anticipated transition due to a simple shoulder surgery. As Sergio Marchionne’s health worsens, FCA’s board decided to replace him with Mike Manley, the powerful man of Jeep. The complications of the surgery are not clear yet, but it seems that something more serious and tragic is happening with the former CEO.

The end of an era. That is what FCA was supposed to live in the second quarter of next year when Marchionne would have step down as CEO after 14 years in command. The shocking part is that no one expected that the end of that era would have come before. And Mike Manley was the best option the company had in order to deal with this abrupt change. Is he going to meet the shareholders, analysts and industry expectations?

Mike Manley arrives in office not exactly when and how he was expecting. Even if nothing was confirmed regarding Marchionne’s successor, Manley was one of the favorite candidates since the beginning. His excellent results as Jeep’s CEO allowed him to gain visibility and reputation among the other big guys in FCA. As Marchionne, he’s known for his hard work and his determination. So, at least at the beginning, there won’t be big changes in terms of management.

Jeep 2022 1However, Manley will look to have his own way of leading the automaker. Jeep is certainly going to gain even more power following his expertise. He, more than anyone inside FCA, knows perfectly the big potential of this brand. Under Manley, Jeep is expected to accelerate its growth pace and finally become the rockstar brand of FCA.

The immediate impact will be on Fiat, which will become for sure a niche brand in Europe. If the focus during the last 5 years has been on Jeep and more recently on Ram and the premium brands, under Manley, this situation will be enhanced. Last year Jeep and Ram counted for 45% of FCA’s global sales and they should be responsible for more than half of its profits. More Jeeps and Rams means lower resources to the low profitable brands like Chrysler, Dodge and Fiat.

This shift is closely related to the coming CO2 targets. The new WLTP engine emissions test is proving to be more difficult than expected complicating life of stronger makers like Volkswagen. FCA needs to address this challenge without hurting its expansion plans, and the best way is by providing the consumers with competitive and more efficient SUVs. As Fiat is not the priority when thinking of a SUV-ification of FCA’s range, then Jeep is going to be the right answer.

FCA 2017 2As the first non-Italian CEO of the company, Manley is also expected to reduce even more the dependence on the Italian market. Fabbrica Italia never worked and the latest plan presented in June indicated that Italy will become a luxury/premium car pole. Italy will continue losing its importance as the new CEO will for sure boost the struggling operations in China.

Last but not least: the electrification issue. FCA needs a partner in order to electrify its range, and Manley could better use his Jeep expertise in order to close a good deal. He knows that FCA’s greatest asset is Jeep and it can be a breaking point when negotiating a partnership. FCA can improve its position by adding alternative fuels to its already popular Jeeps.

Mike Manley is the right guy to succeed Sergio Marchionne. He has the expertise and the intense hard working style that a company like FCA needs. Besides, he has proven to be an excellent manager based on the results of Jeep. This brand along with China and electrics are expected to be his biggest bets as the new CEO. The best way to continue the awesome legacy of Sergio Marchionne.



2 thoughts on “What to expect from Mike Manley?

  1. Dear Sir,
    Regarding JEEP : HR 60H 5526 (Issue with Jeep Compass)
    Issue with Jeep Compass
    1. The day we got the car, there were already a lot of scratches which we discussed at the same time but then we let it go as we were excited about the new car and was not focusing on these minor things.
    2. After some days there was an issue with the Gear box, it’s light started to blinking automatically. We kept complaining regarding the same for 2 months, as we got no response from the service center we had to reached, CRM Head Mr. Mangesh and notify him about the issue and the kind of service we are getting.
    3. Mr. Mangesh took Action, the car was submitted at the service center for approximately 15 days. I got the came back after 15 days and yet the issue was not resolved.
    4. After some days of getting the car back, I noticed a sound coming from different parts of the car. There was a lot of sound when I move the staring, or press the break even when I shift the gear. Which not the kind of service we expect from JEEP.
    5. I again approached the service center and appealed that if u want to keep the car again, keep it but resolve the issues for good and meanwhile give us an alternate car to use. They did give it once but later they denied and I had to manage on my own. Which was again very unprofessional.
    6. I left the car at the service center for 7 days then got back with nothing resolved and there feedback was, “we have drove the car for many kilometers and got no issue”.
    7. I believed them and thought maybe it was some temporary problem. Later, I took the car to hills and because of the carelessness of the JEEP service center and there bad testing team I got stuck at hills as there was issue in self and battery, which could not be identified nor resolved by the service center.
    8. Later, because of the emergency we took the car to a Hyundai service center and they identified that there was an issue was in the fuel pump due to which the car broke down mid-way.
    9. We tried calling the Jeep service center to register the complaint but no one answered.
    10. Later, we got a call from Jeep Service Center, Delhi Moti Nagar branch, saying that the warrantee is about to expire so we can pay a particular amount and renew it. So, we paid the renewal fee at the same time, the paid amount is still with them till date. But, when we reached the center to tell them about the issue and to make it resolve, they said “your warrantee cannot be extended due to late service” which was again JEEP’s fault as I was continuously telling them to pick up the car for service as it was not working and I couldn’t drive it to them but they were continuously delaying it giving excuses. Now, they wanted me to pay for the charges for the fuel pump and the service.
    11. We again had to approached Mr. Mangesh regarding the matter of warrantee and payment of fuel pump. He took action and on his request fuel pump got changed.
    12. Again we went to Uttarakhand for a meeting and yet again we got stuck as car stop working and didn’t start id way due to which we had to suffer a lot in each aspect mentally, physically and professionally
    13. It took me three days n 400km to reach Delhi. As no one from the JEEP was ready to help. It
    14. was not easy to find towing service there. Because of our car breaking down, there was heavy traffic jam all around. We had to pay double for every service in order to tow the car away from the place. All of this happened because JEEP Service Center, Moti Nagar could not resolve the issue or even find the issue.
    15. I am a businessmen and for me time is money. Due to this scenario I
    16. Somehow we reach Delhi and took the car to the service center, they said “sorry, we gave u the new fuel pump only and they change it again”. They also tried to fix the light issue in gear box (which I mentioned before), after which the situation got even worse and now car was running only on 1,3,5 gear, that also automatically. I have no control over it.
    17. Now, from some days it’s working on gear 2,4,6 and yet again I have no control over it as the Manual part is not working. It is very risky to drive with this situation at hills and even in Delhi, NCR because there’s traffic and other obstacles to chase. We have only done servicing at Moti Nagar branch, why can’t they just find the issue and resolve it for good?
    20. The money that I paid to extend the warrantee, Is still with them till date. If the warrantee could not be extended then what did I pay for? And why did they ask me to pay it on the first place? Also, if it is of no use, why are they not refunding it?
    21. I am facing the same issues every 2-3 months, due to which my work is being hampered. I have missed my Flights, delayed/canceled meeting, due the issue in fuel pump, this car shuts down anywhere and if I am in middle of the traffic I become the reason of traffic jam which is very embarrassing and disappointing after buying such a high price car.
    22. In case you want to verify my previous complaints, CMS Head Mr Mangesh, RM Lokender and Branch Manager Rupesh Pathak are aware of the issues and suffering I have faced.
    23. When they couldn’t resolve the issue, they had the audacity to tell me to go and get the service done at other JEEP service centers.
    24. I have been using Toyota, Ford, Mercedes etc. in the past and all are far better than JEEP. I decided to try JEEP for the 1st time because it looked promising but it is making me cry since the day 1.
    25. I believe I was provided with an old accidental car or the car which was used for test drive or any other tests because a new car doesn’t come with so many inbuilt issues.
    26. Talking about 26th Sep, 2021. I was travelling from Delhi to Haryana, there was chaos due to ‘kisan andolan’ and ‘bharat band’ the next day and in middle of that chaotic traffic JEEP stopped working, first the gear and later the whole car. It didn’t start at all. I somehow managed to call the towing service, they look the car away and I had to arrange another way of transport for myself. 1hr journey took me 4hrs because of this car which is still not working and is kept like a useless trash in front of my house.
    27. I am still facing the same issues and even worse issues but now no one answers the call. And I have had enough of the bad car service and even worse customer services.
    28. I will never suggest anyone to by a JEEP product in future and will surely give my feedback to people who plan to buy JEEP product in future.
    29. I am done with this car!! No more service or false promises now, I need this CAR to be Exchanged ASAP, if not we will surely trash or crush or burn this car and make a video of it highlighting all the all the issues and problems we have faced and will surely publish it.
    For the Same issues which they were already handling since 2 years which they couldn’t resolve and the issue keeps coming back again n again. They are now demanding Rs. 4,24,000 lakhs and after what I have experienced, I don’t trust them at all.
    I wanted to mail since 2yrs but couldn’t do it because of shortage of time. But now I am fed-up and have no other option but to make a humble request to Mr. MIKE MANLEY and Mr. PARTHA DATTA having full hope on you both that you will resolve the issue and will not take the right decision.
    I invested in your US Brand JEEP wondering that it is a luxurious car and as it is US brand I can trust it. I thought it might be better than other Indian brands so I should give it a try but I experienced exactly opposite be it my driving experience or experience as a customer of JEEP.
    I sincerely request to Mr. MIKE MANLEY and Mr. PARTHA DATTA to look into the matter and resolve it as soon as possible. I believe that both of you will do right by me (a cus
    Thanks & Regards
    Mukesh kaushik


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