Fiat at 15% market share in Italy, the second lowest in history

Last year, Fiat brand posted its second lowest market share in its history in Italy. According to the data for passenger cars registrations, the maker from Turin made up 15% of the volume in Italy in 2020, or 0.38 points higher than the all time low that was reached in 2019. In that year, Fiat’s market share stayed at 14.6%.

Although there was an increase compared to the previous year, the results show a sad reality especially when looking at the figures back in the 80’s. Fiat is now reduced to very few models and the competition is stronger than ever. At the same time, consumers in Italy follow their European fellows in the SUV boom, and are “forced” to leave Fiat because of the lack of choices in this important segment.

The main problem is the role of Fiat brand within FCA group (now Stellantis). The management has chosen Jeep as the brand to make use of the SUV boom, leaving the rest of brands with a very poor lineup of SUVs. Along with Dacia, Fiat is the only European brand to count on only one SUV in its range. Even DS, Cupra or Jaguar have more than one SUV model. You just can’t grow without the help of a SUV.

In addition to this, Fiat abandoned the low profitable but volume-important B-Segment, when it discontinued the Fiat Punto without a successor. The B-Segment is Europe’s largest by volume (SUV segment split by subsegments) with 2.23 million units registered in 2020, or 18.7% market share. It was followed by the C-Segment (17.5% market share) and C-SUV (16.5%). In countries like Italy, these cars counted for 22.2% of all registrations in 2020.

Based on this sad reality, will Stellantis leave the things as they are? will Tavares work on a more dynamic and fresh lineup for Fiat? or will Fiat continue to focus on the 500 and become a “popular-niche” brand? based on Tavares latest management appointments, it seems that very few is due to change, and that’s not good news, because Fiat needs a resurrection, and it starts from the people managing it.



4 thoughts on “Fiat at 15% market share in Italy, the second lowest in history

  1. You need to have faith…Felipe…
    Tavares is Portuguese!
    Fiat will finally have a proper line up.
    Also Alfa Romeo… the new brand manager grew up in a family with several alfas…it will be personal!


  2. I was not expecting that sentence from you Felipe…
    I can understand you but…nothing will be like yesterday… yesterday was really bad. FCA was not able to build a brand portfolio except for jeep.
    They created a wonderful base for Alfa Romeo…Giorgio… to build only two cars… an amazing Giulia QV without a Coupe…. or a SW…a disaster!
    A new era is rising… and Tavares is the right man at the right place…
    At last!


  3. It’s very sad indeed. I saw here in the U.K. that Fiat’s market share in February was 0.83%. That’s shocking. In the 90s Puntos and Bravo/ Bravas were everywhere. Then the 500 made the top ten sellers. But what is there to buy now? The same 500 which is very old. An old Panda which has a reputation as a “granny car” in the U.K. A new electric 500 which is great but like all electric cars very expensive or the Tipo which unfortunately isn’t on most people’s radar anymore. I feel very sad. As a school boy in the 90s I was excited by Fiat. The stacked rear lights of the then new Punto and the Fiat coupé – absolutely WOW. What a design. I wanted one so so much!


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