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paris-2.jpgSince 1899 Fiat has been an important player in the world of cars. It has been a referent with its ability to move forward, in spite of the many difficulties it can encounter, and its tenacity and passion for building cars and making out of them not only means of transport but a lifestyle. Certainly it will keep playing its role of innovative, original and passionate car manufacturer as it will encourage future trends with smartness and creativity.

Fiat means creativity, ideas and beauty all together in 4 wheels. Since my early age I figured out that even if it is always in trouble, the Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, now the big FCA, finds the way to keep going by innovating and creating beautiful cars. From the Topolino up to the iconic 500, this car maker has been doing cars to make history.

I am Felipe Munoz, a Colombian passionate about the car industry, with some years of international work experience in Marketing and Finance. This blog is intended to express my passion for cars and in this case for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles through market researches, trends studies and data analysis. If you want to contact me you can fill the form below and I’ll get in touch with you as long as I read your message.

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15 thoughts on “About me

  1. I want to sell my Fiat 500 born in 1068. It’s very nice. I prefer to sell it to Japan. How I can do?


  2. Good luck in the future, hope to see you work for Pininfarina or Fiat Centro Stile in the future! I am glade that there is a lot of Italian car lovers and enthusiasts around the world.
    Now, I have one question… What is your opinion on expanding sales of Fiat Vaggio on European and Australian market? I think it would be good move. First of all Australians love this kind of medium size sedans. Secondly in a couple of years I want to buy new bigger Fiat than my Stilo, and I dont have much choice here in Balkans. I could buy Linea, great car by the way, but it is not big enough.


    • Thanks a lot Adi. I’m working hard for the future you mentioned, and I’m quite confident I will find a great opportunity to be part of automotive industry.

      The Viaggio could easily work in Australia. As you said, this market loves this kind of sedans, and Fiat could find a place in this segment, that is the most popular over there. Regarding Europe, I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring it, as it is quite big, and Europeans aren’t buying cars, and most of them prefer small cars. Maybe they could use it as the base for developping a new compact to replace the Bravo, but I don’t think Fiat is thinking of it (crisis). If you want a car to replace your Stilo, think of a Giulietta, or a Fiat 500L (Serbia, Balkans!).


    • The Viaggio should be sold in Europe and Australia, but Fiat would have to find somewhere other than China to build it, as a “Made in China” Viaggio would be laughed out of the marketplace.


  3. I totally agree, the JVs built by VW, Fiat, GM, QOros are producing cars that are gradually improving their quality and soon than expected we’ll drive Chinese cars with European brands. After all, it is similar to what the Japanese and the Korean have done in the past.


  4. Wow, just discovered your blog after your post on Automotive News:
    Kudos to you! Absolutely awesome job, dude! Keep up the great work!

    I am sure you’ll get a great job in the automotive industry (or already have by now…)


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  6. Hello, my name is Jacob, and I have a small YouTube channel (only about 12 subscribers) an I was wondering if I could use some of your information in a video, manly the statistics on the top car brands and stuff like that. Thank you for your time.



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