Fiat-Chrysler current models

There is a new page in this blog. It is called ‘Current models’ and it contains the Fiat and Chrysler current offer in the whole world. There are 74 charts for 74 different models that contains information about when the car was first introduced, when it had an update (restylings), its segment, body-type and direct […]

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Norway 2012 Results Highlights

Car sales were quite stable in Norway during 2012. While its neighbours like Sweden and Finland saw important falls, Norway car registrations fell a tiny 0,3% just as it happened in Denmark. A total of 138.000 new passenger cars were sold in this Scandinavian country. Half of this market is composed by SUVs and C-Segment […]

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Sweden 2012 Results Highlights

The largest Scandinavian car market had a bad year, with sales down 8%. From 280.000 units sold in this country, Fiat-Chrysler sold a bit more than 5.700 cars, for a 2,05% market share. It improved its position, no matter the fall on registrations. Nevertheless, the group is still very unpopular among Swedish preferences. In the […]

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