Lancia Ypsilon surprises in troubled Greek market

For the second month in a row, the Lancia Ypsilon got very interesting results in Greece. Although this market is facing difficult times because of the deep Greek economic crisis, and therefore car sales figures are extremely low, Lancia has managed to place its B-Segment hatchback within the top 10 during April and in 14th place during May. It is practically the only market after Italy where demand of Ypsilon places it among the best selling cars. In fact in April 2012 the Lancia sold 92 units, 2.1% of the market, the same quantity of Fiat Puntos, and for the first time, above the results of popular VW Polo. One month later the Ypsilon is not in the top 10 anymore but still enjoys of a healthy 14th place with 97 units delivered, 1.8% of market share, 11 units more than Fiat Punto! YTD figures indicate the Ypsilon occupies place #21 with 344 units sold, much much more than the 130 delivered during the whole year 2011. Certainly the Ypsilon has arrived in the worst moment for Greek sales, but it seems people like the good mix of luxury interior and nice optionals in a compact 5 door package. Greek people are a bit snob when buying cars as for most of them having a Mercedes or BMW is the dream of their lifes no matter the economic conditions. Nevertheless the current crisis has shifted their idea of luxury as this premium brands are loosing market share, while small cars continue to increase their presence. Fiat-Chrysler group has been always popular in Greece thanks to small 500, Panda (the most popular among car rentals in all Greek islands), Punto and now the Ypsilon. Greek car market has dropped 41% in Jan-May/12 to 26.902 units and is expected to be the biggest fall among European markets this year. Fiat-Chrysler brands have fallen 39%, below total market’s thanks to great permormance of the Ypsilon: Fiat -46.5%, Alfa Romeo -46%, Lancia +348%, Jeep -72% and Abarth -48%.


Source: Best Selling Cars Blog and Association of Motor Vehicle Importers Representatives