The opposite rebadge

Normally, when thinking of rebadge operation between Fiat and Chrysler, people think of Chrysler products using Fiat logos. The Dodge Journey became the Fiat Freemont in Europe and Brazil, the Chrysler 300 is known as the Lancia Thema in Europe, the Chrysler Town & Country is the Lancia Voyager, and lately the Chrysler 200 Cabrio […]

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Colombia 2012 Results Highlights

Colombia is going to be the first market to be quickly analyzed from the point of view of its overall composition (by brands and segments), and the position of Fiat-Chrysler. Since it is quite difficult to do a close analysis (as I would like to) of every single market where the group sold cars last […]

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Mexico 2012 Full Year Analysis

Mexico closes the top 10 largest markets for Fiat-Chrysler. It is considered one of the slowest among fast-growing car markets in the world, but last year it showed that is back on the scene once again. After some years of crisis, as consequence of its strong dependence on US economy, Mexican car market closed the […]

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Argentina 2012 Full Year Analysis

When analysts refer to Fiat in South America, most of the time they are talking about Brazil, which became Fiat’s largest car market and Fiat-Chrysler’s second one. But even if Fiat’s presence in Latin-American is highly concentrated in Brazil (86% of LATAM sales), there is a second market where the group has an important share. […]

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USA September, Chrysler up 11.5%

It was the lowest increase so far this year. Chrysler group was up 11.5%  in September in the US market, which had an increase of 12.8%. According to latest increases, it seems the group is reaching the top of its sales figures as the market stabilizes. Only Fiat brand had better results than overall market, […]

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