Ferrari 458 Italia or Porsche 911?

Italy versus Germany. Two cars full of technology and performance. The Ferrari is the result of how Italians understand a super sport car, while the Porsche is the maximum expression of German fun. It’s quite hard to say which one offers the best performance, but is easy to understand their body language designs. The Ferrari […]

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Chrysler 200 or Toyota Camry?

The old Chrysler 200 against the top-seller Toyota Camry. Two cars conceived for the American customer. One of them, the Toyota, with a tremendous success, always in the top 10 of US best-selling cars. The Chrysler is living its second life after a deep restyling that even changed its original name (Sebring). Thanks to the […]

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Lancia Delta or Citroën DS4?

It was hard to find a direct rival for the Lancia Delta. This car makes part of the C-Segment even if it is larger and is positioned in the upper part of it. Besides, it is not considered a premium option so it can’t compete with the 3 premium Germans. But it is not as […]

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Dodge Caravan or Honda Odyssey?

A champion against a ‘best-seller wanna be’. The Caravan (or Grand Caravan) has been always a key product for Chrysler group as it is the absolute leader of D-MPV segment in North America. Not even GM or Ford could beat the immense popularity of the Caravan, which is the direct successor of the very first […]

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Alfa Romeo MiTo or Citroën DS3?

Making use of the ‘new’ MiTo Model Year, today’s poll places this Alfa Romeo against another premium small 3 door: the Citroën DS3. They are both positioned in the upper part of the B-Segment, along with the Mini Cooper and the Audi A1. They offer the advantages of a small urban car, but they add […]

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