Fiat HQ: in Turin or USA?

Recently specialized press has published some rumors indicating that Fiat is considering to move its Head Quarters from Turin to USA. The reason for this is mainly financial as the company would be able to have a better access to capital markets if its shares are traded in NY Stock Exchange instead of Milan index. […]

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Fiat 500 or Opel Adam?

For years the Fiat 500 has ruled in Europe as the best-selling stylish citycar. Its strong personality, wonderful design, awesome interior, and the fact that it’s difficult to find 2 units exactly the same (because of personalization program), has made of it a referent of success when it comes to revive old nameplates. It helped […]

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Dodge Viper or Chevrolet Corvette?

Once again super cars. This time the comparison is between the most powerful Chrysler product, the Viper, lately called SRT Viper, and introduced in 2012. Months after that, Chevrolet showed the new Corvette, the anti-Viper. Both models are the best of the best of American car industry, and gather all what an American super car […]

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Chrysler 300 or Chevrolet Impala?

Once again E-Segment. This time in America where this big sedans are quite popular. The old Chrysler 300 against the new Chevrolet Impala. Both of them offering the typical American features: roominess, comfort, and big engines. Which one do you like more? Results for Poll # 7 Maserati Ghibli: 94% BMW 5-Series: 6% Total Votes (record): 165

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Maserati Ghibli or BMW 5-Series?

Maserati wants to sell a lot. The Ghibli is here for that goal. But first it has to fight against the invincible Germans which control the segment. Personally I think this new Maserati won’t disappoint in any aspect but it will not be an easy job to catch clients from Mercedes, BMW or Audi, as […]

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Ram 1500 or Ford F-150?

It is time for big trucks. The Ram 1500, Fiat-Chrysler’s best-selling product, faces the Ford F-150, America’s best-selling car for years. They are both big enough and their competition is that hard that is not easy to find a clear winner. Which one do you like more? Results for Poll # 5 Lancia Ypsilon: 93% Nissan Micra: […]

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Lancia Ypsilon or Nissan Micra?

Two different ways of conceiving a different car. Italians created the Lancia Ypsilon to offer a small B-Segment car with a different approach focusing on details and elegance. Nissan created the Micra (to be soon replaced by a tiny facelift) after mixing the Japanese culture with European requirements. Result: two small B-Segment cars with their own […]

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Dodge Dart or Chevrolet Cruze?

The latest Dodge against the Chevy Cruze. Two Americans conceived to become global. The Cruze has been more time in the market so this has allowed it to enlarge its offer with 3 body types options and arrive in almost all nations with interesting results. The Dart was born last year and is already available […]

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