The cars that will fade away

The recent Ford’s announcement on axing its sedan lineup in North America is making the industry think about the future of these cars. When demand turns against the product plans, the companies are forced to take tough decisions. Sedans used to rule not only in North America but also in China. But the industry is […]

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New Fiat Punto: for India only?

Non-official pictures coming from Indian sites were published showing an updated version of the Fiat Punto. It is more or less what we already saw some months ago when Fiat presented the Avventura concept, a ‘SUV-wanna be’ Punto that was very well commented by the public during those days. The Avventura and the new Punto are part of Fiat […]

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Fiat Punto 2012 Full Year Analysis

The Punto is another global key product for Fiat-Chrysler. Unfortunately, this important nameplate, that will soon turn 20 years, is facing its most difficult times and there isn’t a clear future. In 2012 there were around 215.000 Puntos sold worldwide, and a year earlier Fiat sold around 290.000 units. In fact, the Punto faced the […]

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A better Punto for Brazil

Fiat Brazil does not stop. After the presentation of new Siena, the facelift of Palio Weekend and Bravo, now it is time for the Punto, a product that is built locally and points to a specific client in the B-Segment. Basically they present the EVO version already seen in Europe but much better in terms […]

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