SUV global sales fall in H1 2019. FCA loses ground

While total SUV global sales fell by 3.1%, FCA posted a decline of 8% during the same period, with its volume falling from 992,300 units in H1 2018 to 908,100 units in H1 2019.

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An example to follow

The 2018 edition of the Paris motor show will be the occasion for some carmakers to show their latest products for Europe, and the event where many others decided to skip. FCA brands will not take part of the show because according to the company, the potential sales and publicity did not justify the outlay […]

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The Ferrari SUV is inevitable

Times change and only those who anticipate it and adapt are set to become key players in the future. This is very evident in the car industry, which despite keeping its original basis intact for more than a century, it is now facing big challenges. New mobility concepts, more energy sources and even the ownership […]

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