Current models

This page shows the current products offered by Stellantis group world-wide. Last update: November 2020


58 thoughts on “Current models

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  2. Nice job on this Juan! I really loved it, and loved all your pasion about Fiat!

    Thanks for this, it’s really cool to see all cars under Fiat control!


  3. Nice idea to have the models, I think you missed entire IVECO range, not all of them are commercial vehicles. Also FIAT 500e ?


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  6. I never knew Fiat-Chrysler had so many brands, maybe too many now with the American brands. Nonetheless, there is not enough for one solid brand to take on Buick in China. Each market needs more MVPs and crossovers.


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  8. Hola Juan Felipe, lamentablemente el sitio Web no lo menciona dentro de las especificaciones, sin embargo en el apartado de comparativo basado en datos JATO, lo muestra como una ventaja sobre la competencia. Aprovecho para informarte que la Pick-up RAM 1500 es manufacturada tanto en USA como en Mexico. Felicitaciones por tu Pagina WEB!


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  10. Great article.
    Just shows how many overlaps there are even within a brand.
    FCA needs to look seriously at how it can rationalise them.
    E.g. FIAT could use the ‘practical’ range as a Worldwide range, including the current Ottimo, etc, while adding the ‘chic’ range for the established markets. This would remove a lot of overlap in this brand already.


    • I agree completly. There are many cars in the current lineup that reflect the heritage of both companies, especially in India and Brazil. I am intrested in how far they can optimize this range with the limited money avaliable.
      A big thank you for Juan, who must have put a lot of time and effort into creating this list. I was suprised that some of the cars were still in production (such as the Bravo and Siena), but also were they are being built. Thank you for sharing this with us, Juan!


  11. Lovely line up. I’d love to see the FIAT (Grand) Siena & Linea in the Netherlands. Recently FIAT NL added the Stilo (Weekend). I think there’s a market for a simple (Dacia Logan-like) car in the B/C-segment. I asked them but so far I did not get any reply.


  12. Hello Juan, why not Tipo sedan for India? It will be a good idea to introduce it as Rival to Chevy cruize & Hyudai Elentra with Multijet 1.6.
    Also it will be good to have a small car which will be cheaper than punto. Also suggesting a upgraded fire (1.2 & 1.4) for its better performance & efficiency. People are expecting more from fiat brand , but no exciting products or upgrades from you compare to your German & Japan rivals.


  13. Disculpe abra alguna posibilidad de hacer que le cristal de la ventana de la Fiat Ducato o Ram Promaster se abra como ventanilla


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  16. Hola Felipe, primero dejame congratularte por tu excelente pagina. Me la senalaron desde la pagina de Carsiyaly y de verdad es muy , ma muy buena y interesante. Una cosita : Mito y Giulietta se venden tambien en Argentina y Chile. Quizas no les pusiste porque non vendidas tramite filiales directas de la marca , ma tramite representante oficiales. Pero bueno, Alfa està en Argentina desde siempre, con concesionarios con layout oficial, sitio web oficial y , con numeros muy chicos , es pare de la historia de Fiat en Argentina. Pero si tu criterio es que la marca tenga una filial oficial y distribuya oficialmente… claro que no hay que mincionar a Argentina. Bueno, te felicito otra vez por tu trabajo. Slds.


    • Muchas gracias Paolo. Me alegra que te guste mi trabajo. Respeto a tus comentarios sobre el Mito y Giulietta, te agradezco la aclaracion. Es cierto que ambos modelos estan disponibles en Argentina y Chile, asi como en Colombia y Mexico, pero mi criterio se basa mas en el numero de unidades vendidas, y en general en los mercados para los cuales fueron concebidos desde un principio. El Mito y Giulietta son productos pensados mas que todo para Europa. Toda aquella venta fuera de Europa generalmente es considerada marginal y no hace parte del core business del modelo. Un saludo!


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  18. Hey, I think that maybe Ferrari should be removed from the list considering that they are not part of FCA anymore


  19. There are so many same model, this affects their own market. the production of some of them must be cancelled


  20. See that MINI are adapting their range.
    I see FIAT as the natural competitor from Stellantis.
    A FIAT range of
    500, 500C
    600, 600X (replacement for Punto based on 208 and 2008)
    700, 700X (Golf sized car based on 308)


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