Alfa Romeo: is the rinascimento over? Global sales 2018 analysis

Two years after the presentation of the Stelvio, Alfa Romeo is now facing uncertain times. The promising Giorgio project is now fading away as the growth is rapidly slowing down and no new cars are due to arrive before 2020.

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The two sides of Fiat brand

One of the effects of globalization on the car industry is that most of the vehicles are now conceived and developed for all regions. The global car is a reality for many brands that want to save costs and increase their presence everywhere. Each market has its differences on regulation, taxation and consumer taste, but […]

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No more Fiat Panda/500 diesel?

The WLTP storm is becoming a hurricane. The new emissions test is proving quite challenging as many car makers are still dealing with the homologations. It was the main reason of the big drops of registrations in Europe during September, with many countries posting double-digit drops. With the WLTP, the European legislation is becoming more […]

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An example to follow

The 2018 edition of the Paris motor show will be the occasion for some carmakers to show their latest products for Europe, and the event where many others decided to skip. FCA brands will not take part of the show because according to the company, the potential sales and publicity did not justify the outlay […]

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