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Car segmentation 2013Cars segmentation is one those topics in automotive world that generates many discussions. There are so many segmentations, according to the auto makers, specialized press and consumers. It’s also influenced by the region/market and many times by the price of the car. That’s why benchmarking becomes a difficult task. The distance between segments is quite small and sometimes it’s difficult to know in which segment some cars should sit in. 

This is my own segmentation for the global passenger vehicle market in 2021. It is the result of several months of research of all the vehicles available in all the countries around the world. I have analyzed 1,672 different models from 207 brands. They are all categorized within this segmentation, which includes 6 big groups (Cars, MPVs, Pickups, Sport, SUV, Vans). Each one of them has its own segmentation, that goes from small A to the big F. Each segmentation can be split in different types according to the positioning, pricing and dimensions of the vehicle. I include an example for each one in China, Europe, USA and the Rest of the World.

Segmentation is a subjective matter, and you won’t probably agree with all of it. However, you won’t find a better and more detailed than this one. 

Global vehicle segmentation

11 thoughts on “My segmentation

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  5. How do you put the Lotus Elise and Alfa 4C in different categories, surely they are effectively the same type of car. In fact, my idea for Alfa would be to produce a range of 4C to run as an entry level Ferrari type car, think 488 range for comparison.


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