Chrysler, among best scored car brands in USA

Chrysler brand occupied an important place among best scoring brands of 2012 T0tal Car Score’s list. Total Car Score is a website that aims to classify and compare cars with scores given by important car analysts. They rank cars according to an aggregate score based on the most trusted automotive authorities available. In their latest report, among premium and volume brands together, Chrysler passed from 18th place last year to 8th place in 2012 among the best qualified car makers. It had the second best growth after Kia, and is just few points after VW. In the report ther were only analyzed those car brands with more than 4 models available all over the States (not Fiat). Chrysler’s result can be an important indicator of how Americans are evaluating their cars, and how good all its products are being received by professional press and media. But the most important, it shows the new trend among Americans, who begin to believe again in the quality and final product of a company  like Chrysler, which was in bankruptcy 3 years ago.

Total Car Score, Top 10 Best Car Brands for 2012. Chrysler is above BMW and had the second best growth after Kia. Source: Total Car Score



3 thoughts on “Chrysler, among best scored car brands in USA

  1. Really? You use as an indicator of Chrysler’s performance? You might want to dig deeper to identify what metrics they use (or specifically don’t use) to qualify their performance. Chrysler’s QDR and customer satisfaction metrics, while improved, still rank at the bottom of the industry. Their recent sales performance success’s are driven completely by price discounting – which originally drove them into bankruptcy during the recession. Given current economic conditions in Europe will spread globally, this does not bode well for Chrysler.


    • I don’t use any indicator to measure Chrysler’s performance. I just saw this interesting ranking by TCS and I thought it was a good idea to share it. Of course there are still a lot of problems with customer satisfaction, but I am sure they are working hard to improve it. We will see if recent sales performance is a matter of just discount or good products as the Grand Cherokee or the new Dart.


      • It was interesting, and I’m glad you shared it.
        My new 300 is great and I was wondering when that would show up in some sort of index.


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