More news from Fiat and Mazda

Fiat-Chrysler said they are ready to increase cooperation with Mazda and build their cars in Fiat and Chrysler plants worldwide. After this week announce of making a Joint Venture to produce the next generation of Mazda MX-5 and a future Alfa Spyder, this time people from F-C went forward to talk about more future plans together. Possible negotiations with a partner is something Fiat guys are working on as part of their plan to become more global and reach at least 6 million units by the year 2016. Mazda, as an independent manufacturer is one of the few available for a merge as they are looking also for a partner to develop new platforms and low costs of development.

Ford Ka and Fiat 500, both made by Fiat Poland. Photo by

Fiat has already some cooperation agreements with other car makers such as the manufacturing of Ford Ka sharing platform and body with Fiat 500, the twins Suzuki SX4 and Fiat Sedici, the common platform that share the Fiat Punto with Opel Corsa, and the Fiat Doblo and Opel Combo. This new intention of bulding Mazda cars could solve the extra production problem that Fiat and general car industry is facing nowadays in Europe. Mazda is mid size Japanese car manufacturer with strong presence in Australia and Israel and interesting numbers in Japan, Thailand, Colombia, the US and Canada. They are now introducing their new SkyActive technology, which is a efficient direct-injection gasoline and diesel engines that achieves, according to Mazda, the world’s highest compression ratio and achieves a 15% improvement in fuel economy.


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